Member Benefits

Depending on the type of membership, ARIC will administer the member services. For the complete details of the membership, please visit the membership page.

General Services

Regardless of the type of membership, all the members will avail some generic services as part of the membership like participation in the events, blog, newsletter, training/education, participating in test beds, white labeling the technology etc.

Technology & Business ecosystem

Based on the type of membership, the member will avail the technology and business ecosystem participation.

highlights of aric program

  • No Fee to Enter for Farmers & Rural Entrepreneurs in the first year.
  • Opportunity to Win grants, loans, and rewards for both farmers and entrepreneurs.
  • Free Strategic Business & Technology Advisors & Mentors.
  • Free Entrepreneurship Coaching.
  • Free Workshop on IoT, AI & Blockchain.
  • Free License to digiBlitz IOT Platform until Angel/PE funding.
  • Global Go to Market help.
  • Guidance & help in raising further Capital
  • Corporates & Banks pay a corporate membership Fee for Participating in the Consortium.
  • Universities pay an Institutional membership fee for participating in the Consortium.
  • A Fee will be charged for using the Trading Hub.

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