agroKarma is a Decentralized Seed to Store Trading Platform that revolutionizes agro Trade by tokenizing agro-outputs as digital Assets to make them easily tradable in simple parts & multiple packages. agroKarma enforces systemic liberty in agro Trade through individual, voluntary participation, and collective gain.

Smart farming gives a phenomenal hope of increased crop production, but what's its journey after its harvested - AgroKarma allow tracking and trading of each phase of a crop movement - from seed to the store - to bring out its maximum yield-to-money transactional value

Agrokarma is growing everyday 

Thousands of stakeholders in the farming sector are joining our intelligent and trusted digital platform. AgroKarma is becoming a mainstream platform for farmers to conduct their agriculture-related processes and transactions.


Agrokarma as a trading platform transforms the agricultral prodcutivity in the region by 

  • Quality output - Our Agro R&D centres promise improvement in crop quality
  • Modernizing the supply chain - Our Blockchain-run convergence network - Karma capsule network - has all the advanced tools and components to make it happen.
  • Creating digital Assets out of agro outputs - The key concept in the system is to make agro assets easily tradable in simple parts & multiple packages.

The most important benefits of Trading AgroKarma Commodities

  • Food Safety and Precise Ownership
  • Quality and Increased Shelf Life through IoT-enabled cold Cold-Storage Systems.
  • Reduced inefficiencies in the Food-Inwarding and Food-Forwarding processes by allowing monetization of logistics and supply chain.
  • The Sovereignty is maintained with protection from international dumping by unauthorized traders. Every participant in AgroKarma goes through KYC (know your customer) and vetting processes.
  • Faster trading by instantaneous transfer of commodities from the Sellers to the Buyers via Digital Certificates.
  • Quick and trustful instant settlement of transactions through Digital Assets.
  • Increased reliability and accountability in the provenance of information and automation of Trade Governance through smart ledgers
  • Automated enforcement of contracts and deals through a mechanism of consensus process enforced by smart contracts on Blockchain.
  • Better Insurance products for the farmers and bankers as the private insurance providers compete on the AgroKarma network for the business.
  • Funding for farmers through syndication of participating bankers and financial institutions on the network. The Platform provides them with the guarantee through digital Assets as collateral that induces completion for gaining business on the platform.
  • Liberating farmers from the trap of unregulated financiers.

Farmer's Benefits:

While farmers are unaware of the adulteration in the agricultural products that they procure as input to use in the fields for example seeds and fertilizers, retailers tend to make great profit margins which circumvent and dampen revenues of these big Agri players from the standpoint of Agri-product input. Besides that, the government/private subsidies, grants, and advances either get delayed or never reach them at all. With Agrokarma, these important agri-inputs get streamlined and become immensely efficient; thereby the process of timely seeding and plant growth could be achieved.

Another major issue with small resource farmers is their inability to store and preserve the harvested commodities. AgroKarma consortium provides access to In-Network storage facilities where the local farmers can store their agro outputs at ease without having to go through a painful and costly process of unreliable storage. Finally, as in some countries farmers do become victims of land grabbing by unregulated financiers, AgroKarma eliminates these serious issues. It only allows the regulated financers to loan/lend to the farmers through digitally holding the titles of the real estate against trade value at a nominal interest. Another loan option exists in the system that allows syndicates to provide loans to farmers based on the collaterals of commodities such as agricultural outputs.

Buyers Benefits:

In the entire agriculture supply chain, trading could happen at various stages which involve a collaboration of multiple actors and the packaging of multiple products together. To keep trading simple and easy, AgroKarma provides a platform for buyers to purchase quality Agro Products from pre-vetted sellers at a highly reasonable and negotiable price. AgroKarma harnesses the power of Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Smart Contracts to build a decentralized Market for Buyers.

The major issue with the supply chain is the quick transfer of the commodity ownership (title) between the seller and buyer without having to move the product from one storage place to the other. It requires capturing of accurate data, the Provenance of information, right of ownership, the immutability of such rights, accountability on the recorded transaction, etc. AgroKarma eliminates all these hurdles by applying systemic liberty in the design, architecture, process, etc. And most importantly the voluntary engagement of people and institutions.

AgroKarma Rural Innovation Center (ARIC)

In the AgroKarma network, each independent AgroKarma Rural Innovation Centre (ARIC) will act as an Innovation Incubation Hub for the local rural community. Each ARIC will be established as a self-funded, for-profit research and development center that will generate employment and business opportunities for farmers and other rural citizens. ASICs would not only assist in bettering the lifestyle of stakeholders in the farming industry but also contribute to their financial status

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AgroKarma Decentralized Platform

AgroKarma - a decentralized agro-platform for trading agri-products - is keeping up the high standards through

• Empowering stakeholders to achieve better outcomes by creating everything as tradable assets on the Blockchain run supply chain.
• The smart ledgers provide the exact state of the farmers' and other stakeholders' inventory at any given point.
• The smart contracts not only allow tracking of the provenance of products but also provide strong procedures for payment settlements among all stakeholders.
• Its feature of product traceability ensures not only transparency but also reduces food wastage.
• Proving real-time visibility of insurance certificates and payment settlements by the participating insurance and banking companies

AgroKarma Technological strengths

AgroKarma is Powered by the State-of-the-Art Blockchain-based convergence network - Karma Capsule Network (KCN) - that controls food supply through its strong features and tools of product traceability, product insurance, banking support, smart contracts, federal compliance, payments and transaction settlements, and stakeholder risk management.


Precision Farming & Agriculture

With the use of the latest technology tools (AI and IoT), farmers get real-time sensing information for intelligent farming applications that assist in precision agriculture such as water stress monitoring, detection of nutrient deficiencies, crop diseases, etc. Read More

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Supply Chain & Food Forwarding

Based on the strengths and capabilities of Blockchain, IoT, and AI, enhanced models of supply chains are developed to help move agricultural and non-agricultural food products from rural to urban areas or other rural areas. Read more

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Smart Village

A smart village means making villages smart holistically. It's not just about planting smart technologies, the smart villages must have the power of self-sustenance by having access to smart - healthcare centers, farmers markets, education centers, drug rehabilitation centers, etc. Read more

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Get Involved!

AgroKarma if For

Whether you are a small resource farmer, a very tiny business in a rural area, or a large corporation, you have a role to play in the ARIC. We offer many types of Memberships that manage all your products, order receipts and invoices, inventory, logistics, contracts, payment settlements, and many other transactional processes on the platform. As a member, you could be a

  • Large Farm
  • Small Farms
  • Independent Movers & Transportation Companies
  • Storage Units
  • Farm Suppliers
  • Retailers
  • Traders
  • FMCG
  • Micro Businesses
  • Banking & Finance Institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Task Force Members
  • Technology Solutions Providers
  • Technology Platform Providers
  • Domain Specialist
  • Influencing Members
  • Government / Regulatory Authorities
  • Trade Associations & coop members
  • Soci-Political Analyst
  • Universities and Institutions,
  • Students
  • Start-Ups
  • Independent Innovation/research Centers and
  • Visitors.


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