Precision Farming & Agriculture

Providing farmers with real-time sensing information for precision agriculture applications such as water stress monitoring, detection of nutrient deficiencies and crop diseases. Design Sensor-based devices that measure the activity of animals and other farm materials leveraging its deep learning algorithms can detect various behaviors.

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supply chain & Food forwarding

Helping in moving the agricultural and non-agri-food products from the rural areas to the urban and other rural areas by developing newer business supply chain models enabled by Blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

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Smart Village

Building sustainable smart villages & towns with smart Healthcare centers, smart farmers market, Education Centers, Holistic rehabilitation centers for people with drug addictions and other problems.

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Since 1993

About ARIC

ARIC is a non-profit corporation driven by membership. It is an industry consortium for bringing Farmers, Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Traders, Bankers, Educators, and Authorities / Regulators together for the benefit of Rural Development.

Individual ARIC center will act as an Innovation Incubation Hub for the local rural community. Individual ARIC will be established as a self-funded non-profit or for-profit research and development center that will generate employment and business opportunities for farmers and other rural citizens and improve their quality of Life and Living Standards.


Next Steps...

Whether you are a small time farmer or a rural tiny business or a large corporation, you have a role to play in ARIC. We offer many types of Memberships,

  • Task Force Members
  • Contributing Members
  • Technology Platform Members
  • Domain Members
  • Influencing Members
  • Government Members
  • Banking & Finance Members
  • Trade Associations & coop members
  • Analyst Members,
  • University Members
  • Large Farms Members
  • Small Farms Members,
  • Micro Business Members,
  • Student Members,
  • Start-Up Members
  • Independent Innovation Center Members and
  • Trial Members.