For storage operators, the main part of the success story is to know that capacity building  is a must thing to achieve. This could be achieved with the support of infrastructure automation, smartness, and intelligence embedded through the latest technologies like Blockchain, IoT and AI and those would contribute to their financial charts as well especially being in the agricultural industry. But not to miss that their absence could be detrimental to their business in the longer run. Therefore, storage operators should measure, evaluate, and find gaps in the agricultural supply chain to fully integrate, add value and drive value out of it in an optimal fashion.


Agrokarma commits to provide storage operators

  • A full support mechanism in building and improving storage infrastructures and their internal food handling and services related facilities to store Agri products.
  • An end-to-end support in Agri collateral (produce) management throughout their lifecycle of purchase to organised market release.
  • A holistic integration into the Agri value chain to reduce food losses and wastages which would help in reducing the overall expenditure.
  • The open channels to expand business in the market demand and supply area of agricultural supply chain.
  • An opening of wider avenues of making profits by providing market linking services
  • The latest technological features of IoT, Blockchain, and AI for intelligent warehousing and storage solutions
  • A 24/7 availability of storage operating information and technology to counter transportation problems to support financial growth.
  • The methods and strategies to improve shelf life of products to create larger timeframes for farmers to handle bully-buying strategies of bigger enterprises
  • The strategies to mitigate the practices of including middlemen or several levels of buying procedures by opening channels of direct buying from the farmers, thereby, ensuring improved profits for themselves as well as for the farmers.
  • The opportunities to contribute to the area of social responsibility by making storage facilities run on clean energies in the regions where there are no electricity reach.
  • The strategies for becoming a front runner entity in the league of post harvest value addition companies by assisting and providing food quantifying and qualitative services to other value adders for example food-processors, packagers, forwarder and logistics handlers. Not limited to that, the strategies related to after-sales support is an opportunity for operators that they must look at indulging in.
  • The opportunities to collaborate on a grand scale level with state and regional governments, research and development institutions, financial institutions, farming consortiums and associations to facilitate the whole efforts of smart farming initiatives
  • Options for making profits from monetization of warehousing services for example fee for using cold storage equipments and space, or fee for consulting solutions, agro related crucial information, instant expert visits, or best farming practices.
  • More Earning on the services like providing quick and access to financial services like by issuing a line of credit the storage operators could secure a quick loans for farmers against their stored agri-collaterals from participating financial institutions, thereby, help farmers to have more time in making the selling decisions or strategies.