Potential Project 1


s an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs) providing farmers with (near) real-time sensing information for precision agriculture applications such as water stress monitoring, detection of nutrient deficiencies and crop diseases. FieldCopter shall provide state-of-the-art multi-spectral cameras on UAVs that deliver the right information in the right time on the right spot. Existing components shall be brought together and required high precision navigation will be added in order to create an autonomous flying camera that follows a predefined pattern. The ARIC aims at a complete operational service and brings together the necessary competences assembled on the platform: the sensing aspects, the navigation expertise, and the market knowledge.

Potential Project 2


The motion-sensing device transmits movements of the cow to the AI program. The sensor data is stored and aligned with the cow's real-world behavior. After the collection of enough data, the AI can determine the activity of the cow by reading the data alone.

Potential Project 3


menschForce-Agri aims to provide farmers and agricultural producers throughout the US with products (services and applications) ready for immediate use through an open and easily accessible online marketplace. Projects are expected to address one or more of three representative farming sub-sectors (Arable Farming - large-scale, Horticulture, Livestock Farming) and provide smart solutions for specific farm operations or farm management activities. New or existing applications should use modern edge technologies and ideally be delivered through the digiBlitz platform (an integrated collaboration system).

Potential Project 4


CoolFarm - The integrated, intuitive and proactive control system compatible with all horizontal/vertical greenhouses and warehouses. In addition to sourcing environmental data, weather stations can automatically adjust the conditions to match the given parameters. Specifically, greenhouse automation systems use a similar principle. Probably the most popular smart agriculture gadgets are weather stations, combining various smart farming sensors. Located across the field, they collect various data from the environment and send it to the cloud. The provided measurements can be used to map the climate conditions, choose the appropriate crops, and take the required measures to improve their capacity (i.e. precision farming).

Potential Project 5


 In today’s agri-food market, the difficulty in certifying the origin and quality of an agricultural product is a problem of the consumer as much as the farms and the GDO, which weighs on the business and the authenticity of the farmer's agricultural products. This Blockchain integrated system will be able to guarantee in total transparency the entire traceability of the production chain and the transformation of agricultural products, in particular, BIO and DOCG, allowing to certify the quality, origin and supply chain, ensuring maximum transparency to guarantee the final consumer and enhancing quality agro-food work. We build a food supply chain traceability system for real-time food tracing based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), blockchain and Internet of things, which could provide an information platform for all the supply chain members with openness, transparency, neutrality, reliability, and security.

Potential Project 6.


Rural distribution networks are vulnerable, many are overloaded and the emergence of small power plants hooked on to the net in the form solar panels (PV), small wind generators or powerful bio-fueled micro-CHPs are emerging. The need for substantial improvements is now imminent. Increased efficiency, quality, and network resilience must be assured. The flow of locally produced electric energy must be controlled for optimal benefit. Smart Convergence Energy project will explore and in turn show how to exploit the convergence between electricity and telecom networks. The work to be undertaken aims to show how utilities (DSOs) can operate more efficiently and to interconnect “energy prosumers” to enable a multi-directional flow of energy. The project intends to propose modern architectures and business models.

Potential Project 7


Dairy products suffer a lot of safety, integrity, and issues in terms of the forwarding. For example, Icecream as a dairy product is heavily regulated due to the fact that it is not just classified as a food product but as a Chemical due to its ingredients and process of molecular changes, it does though. The smart Ice Cream project is to track & trace the product from the Cow(milk) to the pasteurization, manufacturing to the retail. It shall use the IOT and Blockchain technology to implement the full provenance and integrity management.