There are two key processes in farming and that are, cultivation - which farmers know by heart, and crop trading – which has been deliberately kept away from farmers and made it assumed as a line of business of traders, profiteers, and entrepreneurs, clearly, that disparity in processes is very much evident in the financial health and lifestyle of farmers.

 Freedom of trade – AgroKarma allows farmers to purchase and sell produce to anyone, anytime, and anywhere without any unnecessary agricultural community pressure forming around. Agrokarma empowers the farmers to explore beyond their local agricultural markets and observe their bargaining power while dealing with different stakeholders in the agro-industry.

Increased Remunerations – The AgroKarma platform opens wider avenues for trading products on multiple channels and that shall increase farmer revenues for the effort they invest in farming.

Appropriate pricing – In order to control activities of making unethical profit margins, the network eliminates the role of traditional middlemen who would help the wholesalers and pressure the farmers into selling their produce at lower prices.

Lesser produce wastages – AgroKarma smart capabilities to provide farmers with a rapid and instant flow of information regarding product trade will definitely result in lowering the crop wastage figures.

Trade without barriers – The platform allow farmers to sell their products beyond their local regions or state. Without any bindings to geographical parameters, farmers will experience a phenomenal expansion in their consumer base.

Improved Financial assistance – Farmers could get a quick, better, and competitive rate of interest on loans from the member financial institutions on the network.

Improved produce insurance – Since the network encourages transparency, trust, confidence, and above all business, therefore member insurance companies will come with improved insurance products for getting more business and safeguarding farmer interests.

Quick and efficient processes – The deep intelligence in the argoKarma platform ensures that the supply chain is smart and trading processes are optimized and simple to execute so that the farmers could use them efficiently.

Trustful payment settlement processes - With the use of electronic wallets and payment gateways, the financial side of the trading operations on the Agrokarma platform will have smooth runs. They will also protect the farmers from the detrimental issues of payment frauds, delays, or inconsistencies.

New options – The platform opens new doors for different product trade options. The farmers do not have constraints themselves in selling their own produce; they have the option to become traders themselves.

Powerless and decentralized – Agrokarma completely discourages the rise in the formation of groups or central powers that exploits the control over prices permitting only corruption and injustice.