agroKarma is a Transnational Organization that provides an innovative business model for agriculture commodity trading.

agroKarma is powered by the "karma Capsule Network", a unique breed of convergence networks, that brings the power of Ai, IoT, and Blockchain together.

The key to digitally trade agro-products is Right Governance

When the agricultural products transform into digital assets, they get features of becoming movable and tradable. These types of transitions demand a reliable, robust, and real-time system to facilitate recordable transactions on the digital assets. AgroKarma is the network that assists trade of digital assets among its stakeholders trustfully, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Agrokarma is a Technology Platform that shall transform agriculture productivity in a region by

• Increasing quality output,
• Modernizing the supply chain,
• Creating easily tradable digital Assets out of agro outputs


It may be a strange comparison to do, yet it should not be overlooked. On one side, the technological and scientific advancements have significantly helped the farmers in increasing their agriculture production whereas on the other side, the same advancements have accomplished nothing in improving the lifestyle of farmers. It is pertinent to mention here that thanks to the latest technologies like Blockchain, AI and IoT that the agricultural economy and farmers’ lifestyle could actually improve. 

Agrokarma’s primary mission is to help 

  • Farmers to get direct access to a wider range of channels so that they could get transparent and better value for their produce.
  • Agricultural sector and its participants by automating and optimizing its supply chain processes.
  • Farming industry economy so that farmers could enjoy better income, resources, and lifestyle.
  • Government departments to get deeper insights into the farming sector that will help to regulate, monitor, and facilitate (grant and subsidies) many legitimate and valid aspects of it.

 Agrokarma RRIC (Regional Rural Innovation Center)

  • RRIC is a regional/district Level local Implementation of Agrokarma’s vision to transform the rural economy through Innovation.
  • RRIC works closely with the local farmers, farming communities, collective farm organizations, NPOs, Governmental bodies, and entrepreneurs to bring in positive transformation led by innovation.
  • RRIC helps creating and transforming the villages within the region into smart villages by introducing intelligent processes, the latest technology and tools, and intelligent applications along with the skilled workforce for their successful implementation.

Meet the Team

Agrokarma is founded and promoted by Suresh Maya Kannan, a Transnational Entrepreneur and of Tamil ancestry who is equipped with innovative ideas. Agrokarma runs on his invention - karma Capsule Network (scientific name - reinforced CapsNet) - a convergence Technology Platform.


Maya Kannan

Founder, Executive Chairman & CEO


Vice President & COO

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Treasurer & CFO

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