agroKarma's primary goal is to create Systemic Liberty in the Agro trade. The following are the social characteristics of the agroKarma Platform.

  • Free Trade
  • No Price-Fixing
  • Non-hierarchial business structure.
  • No brokers, only traders, in other words, brokers are traders in agroKarma
  • Voluntary
  • a-political - Free from Political & Government Influence.
  • Decentralized Power
  • Consensus driven rules
  • Transparent and Trustless System.

Traders Benefits

  • With the help of commodities data in the AgroKarma trading platform, the traders will get clear and timely information of the commodities available in a different region which will let them organize their trading strategies more optimally.
  • The traders would be able to increase their regional portfolio of trading as AgroKarma’s intelligent system would allow them to go for regions beyond their local area of business.
  • The traders will be relieved from involving themselves in the exercises of farmer’s engagements and relationship maintenance and the result of which would be more focused on the trade.
  • The presence of financial (for loans) and government institutes (for compliance) on the platform as coordinating members will support increasing trading volumes and smoothness in business models.
  • AgroKarma does not limit trading exercises based on financial constraints, it’s a level playing field for a very broad spectrum of traders – small or large.
  • With the availability of multiple services related to product enhancements, the traders could improve their enterprise competitiveness.
  • With Blockchain-based trading, the platform guarantees the commodity information and its transactional standards.