Agro Karma Rural Innovation Centers

In the AgroKarma network, each independent AgroKarma Rural Innovation Centre (ARIC) will act as an Innovation Incubation Hub for the local rural community. Each ARIC will be established as a self-funded, for-profit research and development center that will generate employment and business opportunities for farmers and other rural citizens. ASICs would not only assist in bettering the lifestyle of stakeholders in the farming industry but also contribute to their financial statuses

ARIC’s key role is in improving the economic charts of the rural areas and the GDP of individual districts/regions. Some of the typical goals of ARICs are

• Reduce Crop Expenditure by XX% in the next 1 year.
• Increase the Farm Yield by YY% in the next 2 years.
• Increase farmers Net Income by at least ZZ% in the next 2 years.
• Increase a specific district Agro GDP by "n" times in the next "m" years.
• Increase the Rural Employment opportunity by "nn" times in the next "m" year.
• Multiply the District’s Business opportunities by XYZ% in the next "r" year.
• Increase annual Agro-Eco Tourism to the region by "qq" times in the next "g" years.
• Generate, store & distribute sufficient renewable energy and trade the surplus one (eventually)

Regional Focus through Decentralized Innovation Centers

• Empowering stakeholders to achieve better outcomes by creating everything as tradable assets on the Blockchain run supply chain.
• The smart ledgers providing the exact state of the farmers’ and other stakeholders' inventory at any given point.
• The smart contracts that not only allow tracking the provenance of products but also provide strong procedures of payment settlements among all stakeholders.
• Its feature of product traceability ensures not only transparency but also reduces food wastage.
• Proving real-time visibility of insurance certificates and payment settlements by the participating insurance and banking companies

ARIC is for

Whether you are a small resource farmer, or a very tiny business in the rural area, or a large corporation, you have a role to play in the ARIC. We offer many types of Memberships that manage all your products, order receipts and invoices, inventory, logistics, contracts, payment settlements, and many other transactional processes on the platform. As a member, you could be a

Trading Members

  • Large Farm
  • Small Farms
  • Independent Movers & Transportation Companies
  • Storage Units
  • Farm Suppliers
  • Retailers
  • Traders
  • FMCG
  • Micro Businesses

Trade Support Members

  • Banking & Finance Institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Task Force Members
  • Technology Solutions Providers
  • Technology Platform Providers
  • Domain Specialist

Government / Regulatory / Influencers

  • Influencing Members
  • Government / Regulatory Authorities 
  • Trade Associations & coop members
  • Soci-Political Analyst

Research & Support Members

  • Universities and Institutions,
  • Students
  • Start-Ups
  • Independent Innovation/research Centers and
  • Visitors.