The questions mentioned below are more of a generic nature that we receive. This is not an exhaustive set of frequently asked questions, so if you have a specific question or set of questions that are not included here, please reach us and we and we would be glad to discuss what you are looking for

Q What is the Agro trading platform?

Agrokarma is a decentralized seed-to-store trading platform that revolutionizes agro trade by tokenizing agro-outputs as digital assets to make them easily tradable in simple parts & multiple packages. Agrokarma enforces systemic liberty in agro trade through individual, voluntary participation, and collective gain.

Q Who is a seller?

The seller could be any entity that sells the Agro Commodities on the AgroKarma trading platform.

Q Who is a buyer?

The buyer could be any entity that buys the Agro Commodities on the AgroKarma trading platform as digital Assets.

Q Who is a trader?

The trader on the AgroKarma platform is the entity that either buys or sells or barters the Agro Products as digital Assets.

Q Who is a storage operator?

The storage operator is the entity that stores or takes delivery of the Agro Commodities on the AgroKarma platform for trading.

Q What is FMCG?

FMCG is a Fast-moving consumer packaged commodity that is in high demand, moves quickly off the shelves, and falls in a relatively lower price bracket.

Q what is ARIC?

An independent AgroKarma Rural Innovation Centre (ARIC) which acts as an Innovation Incubation Hub for the local rural community. It’s a self-funded, for-profit research and development, center that generates employment and business opportunities for farmers and other rural citizens

Q What is Trading Hub?

It’s a marketplace on the Agrokarma platform where buyers and sellers initiate processes of trading (buying and selling) of Agro Commodities as digital Assets.

Q what are smart contracts?

On the AgroKarma trading platform, smart contracts are automated agreements that have prewritten business logic and codes that run when predetermined conditions between its contract executing stakeholders are met. Smart contracts are auto-enforced through consensus algorithms and are Immutable.

Q what is the Karma capsule network?

The Karma Capsule Network is a trust-less, distributed, Peer-Peer AI network of transferable values and it is the backbone of AgroKamra Network.